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GIFup is a dead-simple online service that allows users to create GIF animations and avatars. Not sure what GIF animations are? You can check out sample GIF animation under the features list below.

Things are quite straightforward. You simply select the images that you want, choose animation settings (speed, size, … ) and let GIFup do all the magic. Once it’s ready, you can save it to your PC or store and share it online. No registration required.

GIFup - Free GIF Animation software

GIFup Features

  • Upload images from PC (up to 1024 Kb), webcam, from Flickr or grab directly from a webpage.
  • Compose your animation from as many images (frames) as your want.
  • Edit individual frames: crop, rorate right/left, flip horizontal/vertical, add effect, add text etc.
  • Drag’n drop images to arrange them in desired order.
  • Animation speed settings: fast, normal, slow or super slow.
  • Individual frame size: Choose between avatar (50-150 px), medium (200px) or large (400 px).
  • Embed ready GIF animations on your website (see below) or profile page.
  • Download and save animations to your computer.
  • Store and share animations with others by keeping them on GIFup servers.

Check out GIFup @

  1. Dhir
    December 31, 2008 at 6:50 am

    Best tool for any image to creat gif image !!



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