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Gift cards are a huge industry in the US. Every year we purchase and send gift cards and it is about time that buying and using gift cards became more convenient. A web service called Giftly aims to do precisely this.

buy gift cards online

Giftly is a web service that lets you buy, send, and use online gift cards. The way the site works is very convenient for the user. You start by purchasing gift cards online and selecting up to 3 different places that the card can be used at. These places can be any place that Yelp has listed. For ideas about what to get a gift card for, you can browse the site’s Ideas section.

The person who uses the gift card then visits any one of the 3 places on the card and uses the app to use the card. Their geographical location is detected from their phone and after a little service charge, the money is sent to a registered credit card number or a PayPal account.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Makes it easier to create and use gift cards.
  • Lets you select up till 3 different places for a single card.
  • Sends money to credit cards as well as PayPal accounts.
  • Similar tools: CardnapCardHub Gift Card ExchangeSnoopf and CardPool.

Check out Giftly @ (via Gigaom)


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