GifSoup: YouTube Video To GIF Converter

GifSoup is a free video to GIF converter tool that lets you turn YouTube videos into a GIF animations and then download them onto computer. Creating animations is easy, just enter the URL of the video and click on the “Create” button. Then select start and end times (max: up to 10 seconds) for your animation and hit “Finish” button. GifSoup will process your request and give you a download link to save generated GIF files. There is also an option to preview them online.

gifsoup1   GifSoup: YouTube Video To GIF Converter

Additionally, the site has a free public gallery featuring various GIF animations created by other sers.


  • Web based and free GIF animation program.
  • Turns YouTube videos into GIFs.
  • Convert as many videos as you like.
  • Download created GIFs to your computer.
  • There is a 10 second limit on video length.
  • Check out public library of GIFs created by others.
  • Similar tools: Gickr, MakeAGIF, GIFmake and more.

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I made one or two using GIFsoup, and now the site will not come up. I’m hoping it is just my computer, but it is quite frustrating.


I use to make GIFs from YouTube video.


I use to make GIFs from YouTube video.


BenderConverter is a great app. We have covered it on MakeUseOf