GIFmake: Online GIF Maker Program

Simple online GIF maker program that lets you compose GIF animations from regular static images. Upload the images you want to use (supports gif, png and jpg images), set duration for each frame and click on “Generate GIF” button. It can decompose existing GIF animations as well.

gif make generator   GIFmake: Online GIF Maker Program


  • Upload images from your PC or a web address.
  • Download and save animated GIFs to your computer.
  • Preview animations before downloading them.
  • Specify the duration for each frame in the animation.
  • Set the nr. of times the animation should repeat itself (infinite = 0).
  • Resize frame images to largest (by width), smallest (by width) or specific size (in pixels).
  • Upload and decompose existing GIF animations online.
gif demo   GIFmake: Online GIF Maker Program

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Hi, it’s a very nice and smart article.Thanks for it.


thanks, i made this gif with it


Amazing tool … I tried flash to create a gif but the output quality was poor. Great site!!!


i dont know how to make but i want to be a multimedia atrist :D so i want to know how to make gif’s and etc.. here’s my email so you can help me with this thank you and godbless :)