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GIF images on websites are sometimes cute but more often than not, they are very annoying, add no aesthetic value, and only increase the loading time of the page. If you are not a big fan of gif images, you can easily block them on your browser using Gif Block, a Firefox extension that prevents the loading of GIF images on webpages.

When Gif Block is activated on your Firefox, your browser will not render the GIF images that are embedded on the websites you subsequently visit.

block gif images

To use Gif Blocker, install the add-on and restart Firefox. The Gif Blocker will place an icon in your browser’s status bar. Just right click the icon and select “Enable” to start blocking GIF images.  Keep in mind though that this add-on stops all type of GIF images from loading in your browser, including those non-animated ones that are sometimes used by websites. If you need to view such images, just disable the add-on by right clicking on the status bar and selecting “Disable”.


  • Blocks all types of GIF images from loading in your browser.
  • Removes distracting GIF animations from webpages.
  • Enable/disable gif blocker easily.
  • Improve loading time of pages with animated GIF’s.
  • Similar Tools: FlashControl and ColdTurkey.

Check out Gif Blocker @


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