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Wish you could get into the heads of people who visit your website? With GhostRec you can. This tool records user actions, clicks, mouse movements of everyone who views your site, and allows you to watch these movements in order to gain a better impression of what readers are gaining from your site…and what could be improved.

It works like this: you embed some code into your website. This code records the actions of people visiting your site, allowing you to watch a video of how the site is used.

record user actions

The usefulness of this can’t be understated. If there’s a flaw in your site’s design that’s confusing users you’ll find out quickly by watching these videos, which shows you everything the user did during their visit. This is a Godsend for designers, who can quickly discover how usable their site is. Beware, though: you might just find out how stupid some of your users are.

There’s really no good way to show how this works in screenshots, so head on over to the GhostRec and check out their demo to see how it works in person. You’ll have the chance to browse a simple website, then play back a recording of you using it.

record user actions



  • Find out how people are using your website.
  • Embed code into your website that will record your visitor’s actions.
  • Watch video playback of people using your site.
  • Find out if anything is confusing your users.
  • Similar tools: MouseFlow, UsabillaCrazyEgg and Feng-GUI.

Check out GhostRec @

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