GhostMouse: An App To Record & Repeat Your Mouse And Keyboard Actions

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Repeating the same mouse and keyboard actions can quickly become boring and tiresome. Here to record and repeat those mouse and keyboard actions for you is an app called GhostMouse.

repeat mouse and keyboard

GhostMouse is a freeware application for Windows, sized at nearly 800KB. Once the program is installed, you can click on the red recording button to have the app record your mouse and keyboard actions. A balloon notification in the System Tray tells you to press the F7 key to stop recording; you can also stop the recording using the app’s main window.

repeat mouse and keyboard actions with mouse recorder

You can save your recordings and these can later be played by GhostMouse to repeat the mouse and keyboard gestures you performed. To select exactly which gestures you want recorded, you can access the application’s options.



  • A user-friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Windows.
  • Records your mouse and keyboard actions and repeats them.
  • Lets you select which actions to record.
  • Similar tools: Dejaclick, GhostRec and MouseFlow.

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I downloaded this app but the program is called ReMouse (well the one I doenloaded from the link is) Any ideas?

Just noticed that the screenschot also says ReMouse



Actually, the link is for! Still looks like the same app, too. They probably changed the name and kept the logo.



Thanks, I was worried that I got a fake app or something. It works great, thanks for sharing!



Is there an app like this that can be scheduled to repeat mouse click actions at a future time?




I don’t know of any, but in case you don’t get a suggestion here, I think this would be an excellent question for MakeUseOf Answers.

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