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Getupp is an innovative service that wants to help you meet your location-based commitments by letting the world know when you are able to meet it and when you don’t. Location-based means the goals that are location dependent. Examples would be visiting the gym every weekday, or going to the library every Wednesday. It integrates with your Facebook account. Whenever you achieve the target, just open the Getupp app on your iPhone and submit the location coordinates. If you don’t, it’ll tell your Facebook friends that you didn’t make it.

commitment tracking

Obviously, having an iPhone, and hence the iPhone app becomes a prerequisite to use this tool. While you can sign up on their site, I’m not sure if you can use it to submit your location on any mobile phone. Their site only focuses on the iPhone app.


  • iPhone app to track your location based commitments.
  • Integrates with Facebook and lets your friends know about your progress.

Check out Getupp @

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