GetHuman: Bypass Corp. Answering Machines

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Fed up of automated answering machines? Enter GetHuman, a growing database of direct access phone numbers for top 500 US companies and government agencies. From major bank headquarters, airline offices, to IRS and FBI phone numbers. If a company you’re looking for is not listed, see the ‘tips’ page for a couple tricks on how to fool answering machine.

gethuman   GetHuman: Bypass Corp. Answering Machines

Feature Overview

  • Get direct phone numbers to support personnel.
  • Read tips on how to get connected to human personnel.
  • Browse companies alphabetically or by service category (credit, finance, government, hardware, insurance, internet, mobile, pharmaceutical, shipping, software stores, telco, travel, and tv/satellite).
  • Improve service by rating existing numbers and adding new ones.
  • Note: Service lists only US branch phone numbers.

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