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getglue app reviewIf you’re an avid reader of MakeUseOf, you’re likely a media nut. You thrive on it. You have wires running out of your arm – no, you actually have a WiFi signal emitting from the back of your cranium. Television, movies, and the Internet are some of your favorite things in the world. There’s no shame in this, of course! However, you likely have a major problem: you just can’t get enough.

This is where GetGlue comes in – a social network for your favorite television shows, movies, and even sports. The app feeds you loads of content pertaining to your favorite stuff to watch, and it also connects you to other people who enjoy similar types of entertainment.

How It Works

GetGlue is often described as a social network for film, television, and sports that connects you with likeminded fans of your favorite bits of entertainment. The app also helps you find what to watch on the tube, on your streaming services, or in theaters. To sum it all up, it’s a more advanced version of the TV Guide.

getglue app review

You’ll start using the app by creating an account with Facebook or your email address and telling the app what you like to watch. With Facebook, you get the benefit of automatically following people that already know, but with your email address, you can keep your friends being aware that you’re a Glee fan. Priorities, priorities.

An activity feed helps users stay updated with relevant articles, pictures, and clips from their favorite shows, movies, and sports. The app also incorporates a Guide that coordinates with local TV and theatre listings, so GetGlue helps you find stuff to watch in real life, too. This portion of the app is great for browsing through everything that is currently on in your area.


getglue app

Taking a cue from the Foursquare check-in function Check In & Become Mayor of Your Favorite Venues With Foursquare Check In & Become Mayor of Your Favorite Venues With Foursquare Read More , GetGlue provides a variation of the check-in button that lets you tell your followers what you are watching (whether that be on your couch or out in the real world). By viewing certain shows or movies, you can rack up virtual “stickers” that are something along the lines of gold stars. Stickers can even be exchanged for real-world stickers that can be mailed to you.

How It Looks

GetGlue’s design is that of your standard social networking app – Facebook, Twitter, they’re all quite similar. The only difference is that instead of friends, you’re primarily going to be following entertainment. Visually, the app makes use of a black, blue, and white color scheme that allows for good contrast and clear readability.

getglue app review

Your feed displays show icons as well as their titles, and the guide makes use of a graph-like layout. These images are quite clear and easy to look at, and the same goes for pictures in your feed.

How It Feels

Using GetGlue is comfortable, but it doesn’t feel too revolutionary. You likely won’t find yourself using the app very often, and this is because of its niche purpose. It’s an app designed to complement your entertainment viewing activities, and unless you’re plugged into your television 24/7, it will rarely make an appearance on your iPhone’s screen.

The app is also very responsive and fluid. Overall, you won’t have any problems with its functionality. Fortunately, it does exactly what it says it does. Despite the issue with usage, the app is still very handy when it comes to film, television, and sports trivia. Furthermore, the entertainment guide is very useful.


In the end, GetGlue is a pretty useful app, but it’s nothing to get too crazy about. Think of it like a wrench – you don’t need it until you need it. There are bad wrenches, and there are good wrenches. In this case, GetGlue is a very good wrench, and that’s exactly why it made it into our Best Apps For The iPhone list. If you’re looking for a few extra apps to add to your iPhone’s library, you should definitely check that out.

Have you ever used GetGlue? Do you think that GetGlue app is useful for following your favorite shows and similar fans? How do you use GetGlue? Also, do you see yourself using GetGlue if you haven’t already downloaded it?

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