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GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] GetGlue 300x300Have you ever wondered which social network is the easiest way to chat to friends and strangers about the entertainment you love? I’d be willing to say it’s GetGlue. That’s because GetGlue know how to make your experience both informative and sociable.

Once you get started, you’ll love checking in to shows while you watch them. Today we’ll take you on a quick tour of GetGlue, focusing on the Android application, so that you can jump in and get involved in this great online party of a social network.

Why Use GetGlue?

GetGlue just makes it so easy to check in to a TV show, film, music artist, book, podcast, game or most other things you love and leave an opinion on the page. Other people checking in or viewing the page will see your comments and other buzz and respond if they feel like it.

Meanwhile, everyone on the page is being treated to news, video, tweets and photos related to the show. It’s like a live news source and conversation all in one. Plus, you can share your check-ins with your friends by linking other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] GetGlue Splash

As an extra bonus, GetGlue will recommend more entertainment you might like by comparing the things you’ve liked with that of other users.


GetGlue For Android

GetGlue on Android is a neat little app. Once you’re logged in you can check in to a show, view the Stream of check-ins from your friends or get recommendations from your Guide, see what other people checked in to the same thing are saying in Conversations or check responses to your comments in your Messages. You can also see what stickers are available for you and check out your profile.

Basically, you can do everything on GetGlue from within the app.

GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] Glue big bang

Start off by checking in to something that you’re enjoying right now, then adding some sort of comment about it. Other people enjoying the same thing might notice and reply to your comment, or you can browse what other people are saying in Conversations.

Meanwhile, if you link your Facebook and Twitter accounts you can see what your friends are up to on GetGlue. Maybe that will give you inspiration to watch the same show as them or to try out something new.

GetGlue - The Online Entertainment-Based Party [Android] Glue BreakingBad

GetGlue Tools & Apps For Other Devices

GetGlue is also available for iPad, iPhone and on the web. There are still browser add-ons available which automatically pop up a Glue frame whenever you view TV shows, books, movies and music in your browser. These are now unsupported as GetGlue are focusing on mobile apps.

If you like to show off your activities and great taste, there’s also GetGlue widgets you can put on your website.

GetGlue Stickers

GetGlue have a really interesting gamification tactic that has real-life consequences – stickers! It may sound a little cheesy, but it’s really easy to earn awards that can be turned into stickers. And those stickers can be printed and mailed to you in real life. You can then show off your GetGlue fandom to your friends and family.

Do you use GetGlue?  If so, what do you think about it?  Or do you have a favourite alternative?  Let us know in the comments.

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