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Are you ready to binge on Season 4 of House of Cards?

The geo-restrictions placed on many great online platforms are really annoying, especially if you pay a subscription. You can get around these fences with a cumbersome VPN, but Getflix offers a simpler solution.

By employing smart DNS, this service gives you instant access to your favorite shows, across all your media devices. A lifetime subscription would usually cost you $855, but MakeUseOf Deals has is currently offering it at just $59!

Getflix: Lifetime Subscription

Getflix’s Smart DNS service allows you to access geo-restricted content without sacrificing speed. Data isn’t funnelled through a VPN server, so you’ll be able to enjoy video content without endless buffering (depending on your existing connection).

With Getflix, you’ll be able to watch content on Hulu, Amazon Video, and even change the content catalog on Netflix; along with music streaming services like Pandora.

You can set up Getflix on pretty much any computer, smartphone, games console, streaming device and smart TV you own. In fact, you could configure your router so there’s no need to fiddle around with the settings for each individual device.

The nice thing about having a Getflix subscription is the free bundled VPN service with 256-bit SSL encryption with over 50 VPN nodes across the globe.

Get It Now

At $59, you’re paying a fraction of the usual price for a lifetime subscription. This offer ends on April 5 so be quick!

Buy it now: Lifetime Getflix subscription for $59

New customers only. All sales final. 14-day trial does not apply. Please read terms and conditions.

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  1. alan
    March 4, 2016 at 7:14 am

    I really don't have much faith in these "lifetime" subscriptions. Whose lifetime?...Mine?...Getflix?...the human race? Netflix has begun actively blocking region hopping. If Netflix decides they want to block Getflix users badly enough, I figure they can find a way. I get the feeling that Netflix doesn't really care that about much region hoppers, but the companies that provide Netflix with their content have been crying and Netflix has to pet and coddle them a bit in order to get the content.