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We all love fast food – most of it is extremely delicious. But fast food often comes with a high calorie count and fattens you up. Here to help you find fast food by assigning it a health score is a web service called Get Fed Not Fat.

fast food that is healthy for a diet

Get Fed Not Fat is a new web service launched by the creators of Get Drunk Not Fat. This site assigns a health score – technically a health grade – to the items on the menus of popular food chains such as Subway, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, and more. The health score for each item is based on its calorie count, amount of fat, saturated fat, trans-fat, carbs, protein, percentage calories from fat, percentage calories from carbs, and percentage calories from protein. All of these figures are displayed right next to an item’s health score. You can search for food types such as burgers, taco, chicken, etc, and for the relevant items to be displayed with the highest health scores on top.


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