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One of the best things about watching YouTube videos on your phone is the ability to swipe the video down into the corner of the screen and continue browsing your search results, or even start a new search. Using a handy Chrome extension, you can add that feature to your desktop video browsing too.

The extension YouTube Picture in Picture allows you to continue watching YouTube videos using the Chrome browser while you search for more things to watch.

How It Works

Search for a video on YouTube and start playing it. Go to the YouTube search bar and search for a new video, and your currently playing video will automatically drop down to the corner of the screen.

Three buttons above the video allow you to revert the video to the center of the screen, enlarge the video somewhat, or close it completely.

If you find a new video to watch, clicking on the video will start it normally, taking up most of the screen. If you’d prefer to start playing the minimized version right away, right-click the video in your search results and click, “Play Picture-in-Picture” instead.

Do you have any tips for watching YouTube on your desktop? Let us know in the comments. 

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