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We have covered quite a few websites and tools that stream movies and TV shows on Make Use Of.
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Even though the most popular sources have been covered, I believe there are still more to be seen, to put sources into perspective, to better harvest their potential, and to save time for quality entertainment.

1. Pick Wisely

For one, there is such a flood of material available across all of these online services, how can you best judge which movies you really want to see? Rather than evaluating each movie by watching it, why not get some first hand opinions before wasting half an hour on a worthless piece of fiction?

Rotten Tomatoes is an excellent destination for movie reviews. The site incorporates critics from a variety of sources and combines them with votes from its members. If the overall rating from at least five approved RT critics is 60% or more, the Tomatometer indicates a fresh red tomato, instead of a rotten green blurp.

The T-Meter Critics include all approved sources, the Top Critics are selected reviews and the RT Community section displays the general user rating. If you find critics that best match your own taste, you can follow them and directly see their rating in the My Critics section. The same works for friends, i.e. fellow members of the site.


2. Don’t Limit Yourself

No matter how many streaming services are out there, it’s tedious to visit one site after the other or even load several applications only to eventually find a working stream of the show you’re looking for.

Hence, a great place to start is OVGuide, a site that aggregates all of the major online movie & TV pages, and makes them available quick and easy. Browse by category or use the OVG Video Search at the top of the page. From the Google powered results page you can directly access all pages that offer the show you were looking for. Nice and easy.

3. Get A Quick Fix

No patience for a lengthy movie, but need to kill some time and want to be entertained? Try a short movie!

Nice Shorts has an excellent selection of high quality short films and a thorough categorization. You can go by Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed or pick a specific category that best matches your taste.

Flash is required to playback the movies, signing up is not, not even if you wish to cast a vote. That’s quite unique.

4. Quotes, Sounds & Trivia has a neat collection of the above mentioned. Actually it’s not one but many sites. My favorite section is the system sounds within the Wise Words by Cool Men page. How about starting your workday with a cheerful “Here I come to save the daaay!” sung by Jim Carrey in the movie “Man on the Moon”?

The site also offers documentaries, movie trivia, mugshots, goofs & mistakes, and a lot more. A little gem with lots of interesting facets worth exploring.

5. Where’s The Fun

Are you an attentive observer? Do you enjoy discovering a mistake in a movie? There’s a whole website dedicated to Movie Mistakes that may need your input.

On the other hand, it may also be fun to browse what has been discovered so far. The database is huge, for example there are 65 pages with numerous faults each recorded for the Simpsons show alone. Just be sure you don’t accidentally click one of the ads that comes up when looking into them. There is a Skip button in the top right, use it.

Where do you get your TV & movie fix online?

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