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The mobile war is heating up, and with the recent release of iOS 6, Microsoft has also come up with something new for their fans. While not being a brand new OS, the Windows Phone Gear Store is the new go-to place for Windows Phone fans seeking their merchandise fix.

For years now, Apple and Android fans were able to express their brand loyalty by purchasing various branded items, but with WP’s small but steady rise in popularity, it might be time for Windows Phone fans to express their loyalty too with a shirt, a baby onesie, a glass or a thermos bearing the “I Heart Windows Phone” message made up of the Windows Phone logo.

The store’s offering is somewhat limited, but product selection and design are still being worked on. As of now, you can buy Windows Phone magnets and stickers in the lower price range, mugs, glasses and t-shirts for $10-$25, and if you want to go all out, the Windows Phone thermos or hoodie which sell for over $30. There’s even a Windows Phone branded Sigg water bottle!

According to Microsoft, all the products are offered at the base cost, so you can rest assured they are not in this for the money. Will you be buying Windows Phone merchandise?

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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