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Birthday Alarm ahas been around for a while, it offers a very simple way to get reminders about friends’ birthdays. From my own experience, I know how bad it is to forget about important dates (ex; dating anniversary) or birthdays of close ones. The situation where you try to explain that you simply forgot, isn’t fun at all.

BirthdayAlarm provides you with a simple way to get reminders about important days in your life. This web service is 100% free and requires no installation. You simply have to sign up and create reminders. For signup you only need name, date of birth and an email. Once you have signed up there are 2 ways to set up birthday alarms:

  • Set up birthdays manualy, simply entering dates and names.
  • Send an e-mail to your friends with copy of the wording prewritten for you by service provider. See wording below.

I’m setting up a birthday calendar and need your help. Just click (or copy and paste)
the link below and enter your birthday details. (It’s quick, easy and you can keep your age secret!)


When your friends reply to this e-mail, the date of their birthdays will automatically appear on your birthday alarm list.
BirthdayAlarm does not send any e-cards automatically whenever there is birthday, it only reminds you about certain date. And it is totally up to you to decide what action you want birthdayalarm to take. As we have already mentioned above, service is not limited to birthday events only, it can also be used for any events like anniversaries and holidays.

There are plenty of options available for the type of action Birthdayalarm should takeon an event. For instance, you can search and choose among several gifts, e-cards and even arrange for flowers to be delivered. Hoewever, delivery services are not a free and would require appropriate payment. Overall, I think the service has got good idea behind it.

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