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instagram for androidThese days, most of us have a smartphone with a camera and a bunch of friends we’d love to share those photos with. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is deciding which of the many photo apps do the best job of letting you take photos and add effects, and how to share these with your friends. Some people use a combination of apps, such as the standard camera and uploading the photos to Facebook. But for the iOS crowd at least, many users use the one app for both: Instagram.

Now, Instagram is not new on the scene. It’s got a huge number of users, mainly because it is so very good at what it does. What is still relatively new though is the Android version of the Instagram app. Those of us who knew what we were missing felt as if we waited a lifetime for the Instagram Android application. In the meantime, many of us toyed with cool camera alternatives. None of which really held up as they didn’t have the social aspect of Instagram built in. If you haven’t yet given the Instagram Android application a try, now’s your chance to be converted.

Get Instagram

The Android version of the immensely popular Instagram application is available for free on the Google Play store for anyone using Android 2.2+. It doubles as both a camera application with photo editing tools and a social network to share and discuss the photos. It is however a huge application, starting at 15M in size, but can be moved to the SD card.

Instagram Photo Tools

Primarily, most people use Instagram to take photos and edit them with Instagram’s huge selection of filters and editing tools. Click the centre camera button and either take a new photo or choose one to edit from your photo gallery. You’ll be able to rotate and crop the photo, choose from dozens of great filters, add brightness, borders, blurring and generally make your photo look much more interesting. You can then add a short description and add it to the map.

instagram for android

Sharing With Friends

From there, it’s easy to share with your other social networks. Plus, your friends on Instagram will be able to see your new photos in their home feed. To add new Instagram friends, head to your profile. You can add friends from your contacts or from Facebook. You can’t add contacts from Twitter anymore.


instagram for android tablet

Instagram Is A Community

As well as adding your friends from Facebook and using Instagram as a social network, Instagram also has a thriving community of photo enthusiasts and photographers. Many users use Instagram in order to share their best photos with the public and enter them into competitions for exposure. There are also a number of art projects based on Instagram photos.

Recent App Updates

Both the Android and iOS Instagram apps recently got a huge update, with new scale and crop tools, among other things. A few months ago, just after the Facebook acquisition of Instagram, we began to be able to add Instagram photos to a map.

instagram for android

How do you use Instagram?

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  1. Rygle
    December 21, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    If anything Android and iPhone users should be abandoning instagram forever to show them that their complete lack of respect for personal ownership of personal photos is completely unacceptable. Yes they have back pedaled momentarily, but be assured they are not to be trusted with your personal in formation.

    Besides, Android's ability to share photos easily with almost any app opens up a react of alternatives, many just as good...

    • Angela Alcorn
      December 24, 2012 at 7:22 am

      Yeah, that issue was a bit of a worry. This article was written before that kerfuffle, although it ran afterwards. I guess Instagram users can only hope Instagram has learnt from it and won't do it again.