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Learning the guitar is the passion of many people. Unfortunately many people fail to find a friendly guitar learning program that helps them learn the guitar by themselves. The main problem with learning how to play the guitar yourself is a lack of a structured plan (you do not know where to begin or what to learn next). Moreover, you usually use online guitar learning videos that usually fail to clearly show the hand and finger positions on the guitar.

Here to solve those problems and make learning the guitar easy and free of frustration, is the website called Get Instinct.

learn the guitar

Get Instinct is a free to use website for people who want to learn how to play the guitar. Rather than taking the common approach of teaching students chords, this website starts with teaching songs that can be played on strings, without using chords. But chord lessons are being worked on and they shall be incorporated soon. For now, a beginner needs to create an account on the website and do what the interactive animation instructs.

The site can detect the sound of your guitar through the computer’s microphone and immediately judge if you are playing the right string or note. You are taught how to play songs by breaking them down into smaller pieces; information about the guitar is also provided to develop a thorough learning.




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