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It’s small but it’s definately useful. Using the freeware program, InfoTags, you can now find out the initial contents of a plain text file by hovering over it with your mouse. If you have lots of plain text files on your PC, then this could end up being extremely handy.

It works along the same principles as the HTML “alt” tag. After installing InfoTags, just move your mouse over the desired file and it will tell you the first few lines of what is inside :


It is also useful if you have say a mis-named MP3 file on your computer and you want to see what the file really is without playing it. If the ID3 tags are inserted How to Edit Your Music ID3 Tags with Audioshell How to Edit Your Music ID3 Tags with Audioshell Read More , then InfoTags can read them for you :


It would be nice if the program extended support to other file formats such as PDF but in its present form, I am finding InfoTags extremely useful for navigating through the hundreds of Notepad files in my hard-drive.


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