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Whether you’re forced to work in a noisy office, experience emotional stress, or suffer from sleep deprivation Got Insomnia? Fall Asleep With Relaxing Music [Sound Sunday] Got Insomnia? Fall Asleep With Relaxing Music [Sound Sunday] Free music downloads, streaming albums, and a playlist to ground your thoughts and help you drift off into sleep. Read More , music can be a great aid in untangling your mind. For this Sound Sunday, I’ve once more compiled a collection meant to help you relax.

Thank you to all of you who heard me a few weeks ago, when I urged you to share Sound Sunday more. I can only assume many of you are helping out because the number of people who are seeing each edition has increased dramatically. Please don’t stop and share the music!


Genre: dark, ambient, atmospheric

“Aurbis” is the first full-length of Av Admia. This album is about the existence and and its dimensions, particularly about some of them, that you will recognize if you have some knowledge about this world.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: ambient, atmospheric


This album is the prelude to the documentary “The Wounded Healer” by Nathan Ehrlich. You can see the teaser below.


Genre: dark, ambient, electronic, industrial

FWF, or Fabien W. Furter, is a sound artist and musician of electronic/instrumental music, based in Nancy, France. His style ranges from industrial music, experimental to ambient music, a sort of unexpected encounter between Stockhausen and Coil in a David Lynch movie. A poetry of Oddness.
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: ambient, electronic, avant-garde

The reason this album isn’t exactly one hour long has practical reasons. Bandcamp limits files to 600MB and one hour of Mark’s music came out at 605MB; hence the missing 34 seconds. Due to its length, this track is not part of the playlist.

Genre: dark, ambient, atmospheric, avant-garde, industrial, drone

Pulling from [many] organic sources, this EP establishes several rich and natural soundscapes. These pure elements combined with Swell Sound’s signature dark, industrial style are what make Elemental Reform such a unique experience for the listener.
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: dark, ambient, drone

Atmospheres and Landscapes is homemade music from Santa Cruz.

Genre: dark, ambient, electronic, atmospheric, drone, chillout, trip hop

Deleno na Nula from Bulgaria urges fellow musicians to keep Ambient sound Ambient. Judge for yourself whether he holds up to his own standards or yours.

Genre: ambient, electronic, drone

The Implicit Order is not involved in any wave, stream, genre or scene. I/O started in 1989 as a Mail Art project and by the early 90’s it developed into a musical project incorporating many of the early Industrial/Experimental ideas of the late 70’s, 1980’s and beyond.
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: dark, ambient, drone, noise

The tunes on this album are sleep ambience trances Relax & Sleep Better With These Free Music Downloads [Sound Sunday] Relax & Sleep Better With These Free Music Downloads [Sound Sunday] Sound Sunday music downloads are mostly free and always legal. In this edition, find ambient, electronic, and classical music to influence your mood and maybe experience the sensation of ASMR. Can you feel it? Read More , most of which are over an hour long. It’s Nocturnal Mantis’ first ambient album, designed to help you sleep, study, work or meditate.

Genre: dark, ambient, electronic, noise

This two-track EP is a collaboration between Deadlights, a full time Amateur from the UK, and Body Smasher, producer, writer, and genius from everywhere.


Genre: dark, ambient, drone, hauntology

Genre: ambient, drone, industrial, lo-fi, noise, hauntology

HP Lovecraft inspired Post-Rave Hauntology Rituals and Radiophonic Occult Synth Horror Soundtracks, from Newcastle-upon- Tyne, England.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: electronic, avant-garde, jazz, hautology

Being the canny individual that he is, [the Trifler] has sampled, chopped, manipulated and generally abused the sound recordings into new forms. The haunting sounds of a long dead media have been transformed into mirror reflections and sound maps for a time and place that never really existed.
Source: Bandcamp

The Playlist

The best tracks from this week’s edition, served in a handy playlist. Enjoy!

How Relaxed Can You Be?

Music can only do so much to help you relax Clear Your Brain With Ambient White Noise [Sound Sunday] Clear Your Brain With Ambient White Noise [Sound Sunday] Let the sound waves wash over you to clear the mind. Free instrumental music downloads with binaural beats, ambient drone, and white noise. Read More . How far does it get you and which genres work the best?

To influence upcoming editions, you’re welcome to add free music downloads to the Sound Sunday Suggestions playlist on minilogs, get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter, or email tina at this domain.

Image credits: Featured Image by Keoni Cabral via Flickr

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