Get A Cheap Microsoft Surface Pro and More [Tech Deals]

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This week we’ve got several great deals on a Surface Pro, a hybrid drive (mostly for laptops), an aluminum laptop and an ultra-budget SSD. These deals won’t last long, so get them while they’re hot!

Tablet Users

This week we’ve managed to pick up a discounted Microsoft Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro

surface pro 2 discount

  • Price: $599 new; compare to $499 (refurbished) via eBay
  • Retailer: eBay (Best Buy)

Best Buy, selling on eBay, recently dropped the price of their 128GB Surface Pro tablet from $899 to the low price of $599. The Surface Pro offers excellent battery life, very good performance, an optional add-on of a keyboard, and light weight. For those of you looking for a tablet device with laptop-like functionality, look no further.

The specifications of the Surface Pro quite good, although starting to age. It uses an Ivy Bridge processor, a 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

Before buying, I suggest reading up on James’s review of the original Surface RT tablet. It’s a good device and finally at an acceptable price-point.

Laptop Users

Love Ultrabooks but can’t spare the cash? Fortunately, this week we’ve dug up an Ultrabook-like laptop that comes in for less than half the price of the real thing.

Asus 15-inch Touchscreen (Ultrabook-like Form Factor)

asus ultrabook like laptop

  • Price: $379.99; compare to $458.99 via Amazon
  • Retailer: Best Buy

Best Buy is offering an Ultrabook-like laptop for the low price of $379.99. It features light weight (4.6 lbs), an Ivy Bridge Core i3 (2012 model). For those looking for an aluminum (mostly), ultra-portable laptop with a 15-inch screen, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen recently.

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System Builders

This week we have a hybrid drive and an SSD at excellent prices.

Western Digital Black Squared Hybrid Drive (120GB SSD + 1TB HDD)

western digital black squared

  • Price: $259.99
  • Retailer: Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct currently offers the freshly released Western Digital Black Squared hybrid drive at $40 off, with coupon code ‘KIY113521‘. This deal is particularly appealing to laptop users who have only a single SATA port available (very common). The Black Squared drive manages to cram a high-performance 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD (disc-based hard drive) into a single 2.5-inch form factor.

While a 120GB SSD (such as the Kingston V300) goes for around $90 and a 1TB 2.5-inch HDD costs around $70, hybrid drives offering the level of performance and reliability of the Black drive don’t really exist.

If you do choose to upgrade, remember to optimize your SSD for use with Windows and make sure the firmware is the latest version. Western Digital fortunately offers an outstanding toolkit for maintaining your drive.

120 GB Kingston V300 SSD


  • Price: $69.99; compare to $95.42 via eBay
  • Retailer: Amazon

Once again, the Kingston V300 series SSD falls below the $80 price-point. It features solid performance and great reliability. For most seeking to improve the performance of their moldering laptops, SSDs often yield tremendous performance increases, particularly in responsiveness and load times.

Remember to optimize your SSD for optimal performance. I strongly advise installing an SSD toolkit, which Kingston fortunately provides.


Out of the deals presented here, I prefer the Surface Pro. It’s steeply discounted and, despite its middling reviews, manages to pump out great performance with fantastic build quality. This particular deal won’t last long at all, so get them before it’s gone!

For more deals, check back next week — same day, same time.

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Kannon….awesome article. Thank you for the information….it is appreciated. Moving on 1 of the items you listed. You rock the house.


Manuth C

WTH, Surface Pro is not white, and there’s no 3128GB SSD either.


Yea a 3TB Drive in a tablet would be a tad overkill :)


But for $599 I would buy the tablet just for the SSD! Newegg sells 1 TB SSDs for $1499.

Manuth C

It must be a typo, the 512GB version (with 8GB RAM) is almost 2 grands


Patti H

great idea having info about tech deals . more more please

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