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Last week, I was hunting around for a few extensions that may help me gain some more viewing space in Firefox. I have a few toolbars and around ten extensions installed whose configurations and buttons seemed to have loaded up the interface with a lot of junk. Moreover, I don’t really use the default options and buttons presently in the Firefox window that much. So I wanted to hide them and make my browsing a better experience.

Maximize Firefox Viewing Area
For the same setup you need addons 1, 2, and 5. Then go to customize and move everything (i.e. navigation and SU toolbar) to the top.

Here are a few tweaks and extensions to help gaining more space for viewing websites in Firefox:

1. Smaller Icons

Do you really need icons in their biggest size? Right-click on those navigation buttons, click ‘Customize’ and check ‘Use Small Icons’ at the bottom. Smaller Icons. Space gained.

2. TinyMenu

Tiny Menu

Install this addon from here. It shrinks the entire menu bar to a small rectangular box or image. It doesn’t work in Mac, though.

3. Hide Menu Bar



This hides the Menu bar completely. You end up gaining a good amount of screen space. To access the menus just hold down the ALT key. Download here.

4. Hide Tab Bar

This addon hides the tab bar. You can toggle the tab bar display via selected keyboard shortcut. Extremely useful if you work with lot of tabs. Download it here.

5. Vertigo

We already mentioned Vertigo in ‘Firefox Addons to Manage a Tab Jam‘. Vertigo will gain you additional only if you have a 20″ or bigger widescreen monitor. Basically it makes the tab bar vertical. Checkit out below.

Vertigo - Vertical tabs

6. FullerScreen

The standard Full Screen mode in Firefox (press F11) could be better – even when you’re in full screen mode, most of the buttons and the tab bar are still there. Get the ‘real’ full screen experience with FullerScreen – download IT here. Upon operation, you can view the site in your entire screen – the tab bar and other buttons are auto-hidden.

7. MiniFirefox

Claims to hide all the toolbars and keep only 3 basic navigation buttons visible. Download here. Hoever, the extension didn’t hide a few elements like it said when I tried it (for instance – it didn’t hide the StumbleUpon toolbar in my Firefox window)

8. Firefox UI Tweaker

This brilliant extension for Firefox lets you do a myriad of little things. Some things it’s capable of include :

  • Combine a few buttons on the toolbar
  • Auto-hide the search bar
  • Remove a few icons in Full Screen Mode

More listed in this addon page from where you can download it.

9. Little Fox

If you have too many things on your Firefox then this addon is for you. It revamps the Firefox theme and makes the elements smaller. Download it from here, install it, activate the Little Fox theme, restart and see the amount of screen space gained. It makes everything on your Firefox smaller. May not be pleasing to the eyes, but definitely does its job well.

10. Toolbar Tweaks

In MUO, we’ve already discussed merging buttons on your Firefox toolbar. Check out the article here. I’m sure you can implement this easily and eliminate unwanted buttons that clutter the toolbar area.

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