Get Any Youtube Video to Your iPhone/iPod Touch in 2 Clicks [Mac]

youtube to ipod for macWe have to admit that we’re mad about watching videos online. It’s because it’s simply so easy to do. Plus, there are so many sources where you can get your video-fix from: YouTube, Google Video, Metacafé, just to name a few. There are even a couple of other sites (which I can’t really mention) that will allow you to watch videos but not download them unless you pay for their “premium” services, if you know what I mean.

On a separate note, the iPod Touch and the iPhone has (already) taken the world by storm as portable yet powerful media players. YouTube is even integrated into them, allowing you to fulfill your video-watching urges. What if you could save any* online video onto your iPod Touch/iPhone in just 2 mouse clicks?

TubeTV is a great application which allows you to surf and download videos so easily, it’s unbelievable. It is essentially a web browser with additional features for video detection and downloading. After launching it, I’d recommend that you head over to the program’s Preferences and set everything the way you want it, the quality of the converted video for example.

download youtube to iphone

At the top of TubeTV, there are search and address bars, reminiscent of Safari but at the right hand corner, there are 3 added buttons: Grab URL from Safari, Email Link and Download. It’s the last button which we’re interested in.

You could enter the address of your favorite online video site in the address bar and navigate as usual or you could enter a search query in the Search Field. By default, it searches YouTube for results but you can change that in its Preferences. They also have Google, Google Video and Dailymotion as search options.

After you’ve watched an interesting video and would like to save it to your iPod Touch/iPhone, click on the Download button which I mentioned earlier – click #1.

watch youtube on iphone

The video will be downloaded, converted and added into iTunes automatically. Assuming you’ve set your iPhone/iPod Touch settings to synchronize your iTunes Movies, all you have to do is to plug it in and click Sync – click #2. Too easy, isn’t it?

watch google video iphone
youtube video on ipod

I haven’t done very extensive testing on this program, which is why I added an asterisk after the word any. So far, I’ve managed to download videos from every website I visited, including those which didn’t offer a download option unless I purchased its “Premium” account. All I needed to do was copy the URL over to TubeTV and boom! It’s done.

TubeTV is available for free and runs fine on Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard

If you don’t have a Mac, other MakeUseOf authors have written very comprehensive lists of websites you can go to download videos. Aibek has this amazing list of website, browser plugins and programs to perform this function. He also recently praised online video downloader tool called xVideoServiceThief. Aseem once wrote of 18 ways to download videos from the Internet. Finally, Abhijeet showed 4 other ways you could download YouTube videos. There’s an even cooler trick you could try with Safari if there are annoying videos which you can’t seem to download.

Are there any other applications or methods to get online videos quicker onto your iPhone/iPod Touch? What do you normally use? What about jailbroken applications, are there any which serves this purpose? Let me know in the comments!

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