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SkyDrive ImageWindows SkyDrive is a nice little online storage spot to dump some of your files you’d like to be able to grab anytime, anywhere. Open to of course, Windows Live (Passport) customers all it takes is a simple visit and login and you’re up and running. They’re offering 5GB of space which is a nice chunk of storage to dump all your important files of all types.

Getting Started

To get started, point your browser to SkyDrive and sign in. You’ll have to have a Windows Live (Passport) account to use their services. Once you sign in and accept the EULA, you’ll be able to get started uploading some of your important backup files.

SkyDrive Dropbox

The SkyDrive dropbox is easy to navigate and look at with all the shortcuts at a simple glance. Listed below are the folders I have.


The personal folders have a default setting of not sharing their contents. This is of course the security level that most users are going to want to stick with. One nice feature is the “Public Folders” section whereby you can upload anything and make it visible to the world or just a select few of your contacts. The default for the “Public Folders” is obviously, viewable to all.

As a matter of fact, each folder gives you that explicit ability….to add/remove anyone from your contact list or just by email as a reader or viewer of your documents.


SkyDrive-2 Uploading content to SkyDrive is as easy as uploading a picture to Flickr or any other upload site.


Just point your “Browse” button to any file on your hard drive or network drive and SkyDrive will take care of the rest.

The only drawback to this service is that you’re locked into only 50MB uploads per file. This should not be a problem for most users, but worth mentioning anyway.

Coming up soon on, we’ll be reviewing lots of online storage web applications and their respected features. Stay tuned.

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