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The regular price for 1TB of MediaFire storage is normally $5, but for a “limited time”, you can sign up for the 1TB plan for $2.50. Your move Google!

It’s getting crazy in the cloud storage business. No sooner did Google Drive announce rock-bottom prices Google Starts Encrypting Search, Slashes Storage Prices For Google Drive Google Starts Encrypting Search, Slashes Storage Prices For Google Drive There's big news coming out of Mountain View as Google gears up to take on the governments as well as rival online storage companies like Dropbox. Read More for their cloud storage options, than MediaFire has come along and announced that they too are having a sale and everything must go!

In a press release, MediaFire also announced several other new features, which they hope will tempt you away from the other major players :

  • Both free and paid users can upload individual files up to 20GB in size (when using native 64 bit browsers such as Firefox). This is a big feature when you consider that both Dropbox and Google Drive have filesize limits of 10GB.
  • They have released a major update to MediaFire Desktop. The latest update brings MediaFire Desktop out of Beta, “squashing bugs and delivering major speed upgrades and stability fixes”.
  • iPad and Android devices will be available soon, and will introduce lots of new features, including automatic photo syncing directly from your Android device.

MediaFire claims to have 37 million registered users, as well as 150 million people downloading files every month. And in case you’re wondering how they can afford to give away 1TB for $2.50, MediaFire’s official response to that is :


We operate and own all of our own servers and network infrastructure, which allows us to undercut our competitors when it comes to cost. Many of our competitors rely on AWS, which is both cost prohibitive, and introduces potential security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Let us know if you decide to take advantage of the special offer. Have your experiences with MediaFire been positive?

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