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There are a number of tools that let you create shareable customized maps but very few of them allow users to carry out discussions around them. GeoTalk is a neat tool that lets you create map forums within a few seconds.

GeoTalk is powered by Google Maps and lets you create a customized map by focusing on any region of the world. You can even narrow it down to a single street if you want. Once you have created the map, type a question and click submit to create a forum powered by DISQUS. After you create the forum, you will be provided with a permanent URL that you can use to share the map-forum with friends. The forum allows users to post comments, rate them and even sort comments by popularity or time.

map forums

map forums


  • Create a map-forum powered by Google and Disqus.
  • Invite users to the forum by sharing the permanent URL.
  • Users can post comments, rate them and sort them.
  • Users can also subscribe to comments by RSS or email.

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