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Try out some advanced mathematics software without leaving your browser. GeoGebra is a Chrome app built on open source software offering a wide variety of mathematic functions, giving you quick access to most of the functions of a graphing calculator. Intended to be a math teaching tool, this web app is free for anyone to use provided they have a Google account. Create geometric objects, inputs numbers and angles to see the result on a graph and label everything you’re doing as you go.

graphing calculator chrome

You can enter a formula and see the result, or you can play with pre-built geometric shapes to explore the math behind them. Enter two points to create a line, or click on two points if you prefer. There’s more to this app than initially meets the eye, so feel free to play and explore – you might learn something. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, and even if it doesn’t sound fun it’s a useful tool to have around for high school math students.

For most people this is not going to be an intuitive tool you can pick up and start playing with immediately. Happily there is great documentation in the form of a wiki. Read through it and you’ll get the hang of using this quickly.


  • An online app for learning math.
  • Requires a Google account.
  • Most functions of a graphing calculator, right in your browser.
  • Relatively advanced, but offers complete documentation.

Check out GeoGebra @ the Chrome Web Store


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