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At the risk of giving away my age, does anyone remember Geocities? The once hot Internet property that allowed anyone on the web to have their own website. Do you guys remember all the fun that kids used to have designing their first websites on it?

Well, if you don’t, you should taker a look at Wondertonic’s Geocitiesizer that converts any regular website to a Geocities era web property and lets you see how it’d have looked had it been designed by one of those cool kids back in the day.

Just enter any website’s name and let wondertonic Geocitiesize it for you. Sit back and laugh a little while you take a trip down memory lane.


That is how the New York Times website would have looked back in the day. Isn’t it fun?


  • Free to use. No registration required.
  • Fun, clean entertainment.
  • Geocitiesizer adds old school graphics, sound effects and changes the color scheme to completely change how a website looks.

Check out Geocitiesizer @

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