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If you take your laptop with you wherever you go, you will benefit from location-based notes that remind you of what you need to do when you are at a certain place. Here to help you perform this action by detecting your geolocation is a tool called Geo Notepad.

location-based notifications

Geo Notepad is a browser application that works from Google Chrome. After installation, the app runs in the background even after you have shut down Chrome. Your geolocation is monitored by the app. You can set different locations on the map, name them, and add notes to them. When those locations are detected by the map, your notes are automatically displayed for you to read.

geo notepad

In this simple manner, you are able to set location-based notifications that can usefully serve as helpful reminders of tasks.


  • A user-friendly browser tool.
  • Works through Google Chrome.
  • Lets you set location-based notifications.
  • Lets you set many locations, name them, and add notes to them.

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