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Quite often we need to find out the detailed configuration of a computer. You may have just bought a new computer, or you might want to send information for troubleshooting. Collecting such information manually and then creating a unified report can be a daunting task. One free computer diagnostic software application that makes such a task easier is LookInMyPC.

You can download LookInMyPC here. The installation is straightforward and you need not worry about unwanted products installing on your computer. Once installed, fire it up and the following screen with plenty of checkboxes appears:

free computer diagnostic software

The checkboxes depict the topics that will be included in the final report. You can simply check/uncheck these checkboxes to add/remove sections in the report that will be generated. Some of the sections from amongst the many mentioned there are: antivirus information, battery information, hard drive information, mouse information, running processes, browser settings, users that are logged in and many more.

As you can very well judge by now, LookInMyPC not only gathers information about the attached hardware but also gathers information about running software and software settings, etc.


LookInMyPC is then an excellent free computer diagnostic software tool for profiling your system for various purposes. You can create detailed reports that can be posted to forums or sent to friends who can then analyze the state of the system and offer help in case things are not going smoothly. The report generated by LookInMyPC looks like this:

free computer diagnostic software

Only a single format (HTML) is available which seems a bit strange considering that one may need plain text for copy and paste. Anyway, there are plenty of tools that can help you convert from HTML to other formats. That said, the report is well organized and easy to read. Clear cut headings followed by detailed system stats for each of the categories. The report also houses a What’s This? link next to each heading to help you out if you are a new user trying to analyze and know your new computer.

free computer diagnostic software

After choosing what to include in the report, you can generate the report that will open inside your web browser, or you can choose to email the report. LookInMyPC displays the network status in a tiny status bar – if that is connected, you are ready to use the email option. Click on “Generate Report and Email” and you will be asked the email address to which you want to mail the report and the report will be mailed to the address automatically.

system diagnostic report

Although the tool does a great job of collecting a wide variety of information and then displaying it in a organized manner, it leaves you craving for more features that could really expand its usage. The email option for example is great but most likely you would also want an option to schedule an automatic scan whose results could then be emailed to the entered address. You would then be able to use LookInMyPC to monitor your computer remotely.

Another issue that irked me was that the application requires installation, because if it is going to be used strictly as a profiling tool then you want to be able to keep it on say your USB drive so that you can fire it up right away and get detailed system information that you are looking for. Having to install it on any computer that you want to analyze eats away the fun just a little bit.

That said, it is a nice bare bones application that provides you with in-depth information about the computer. The interface is simple, there are no menus to browse through and configure. Just choose all what you want and hit Generate report and there you have it all in a matter of seconds.

What other free computer diagnostic software have you been using for similar purposes? Let us know in the comments.

  1. njw
    February 16, 2010 at 8:53 am

    There is a thumbdrive available now. Works fine.

    • tamer
      November 19, 2016 at 9:08 am


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