GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldn’t [Windows]

recycle bin icon 512x512 300x300   GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldnt [Windows]When it comes to third-party uninstallation software, everyone knows of Revo. It’s often considered to be the top of that class. However, many alternatives exists and it’s great to offer the MUO audience a choice. After all, you can never have too many ways of removing things you don’t want. None of us like bloatware.

Though Microsoft is doing the best that it can to certify certain applications and help ensure that any installations on a Windows machine are bundled with a proper uninstallation process, you’ll never be able to thwart the bad guys. Certain antivirus applications are notorious for this sort of behavior. If I don’t want you on my computer, you shouldn’t have the right to stay there (especially after you’ve apparently been “removed”). Luckily, GeekUninstaller offers a lot of help.

Click here to go to the official GeekUninstaller website.

I’m a bit of a neat freak. When it comes to my desktop, I’m a little OCD. I’m never, ever a fan of messy uninstalls. GeekUninstaller is a Windows application (compatible with Windows XP and later, as well as 64-bit machines) that offers both clean uninstalls and forced uninstalls.

gu1   GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldnt [Windows]

GeekUninstaller is completely portable and requires no hard installation itself. You can toss it in a Dropbox folder or on a flash drive and it’ll work anywhere. The interface supports nearly every language you can think of, too.

gu2   GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldnt [Windows]

Right-clicking on one of the applications in the list will bring up a list of commands. This is the main function of GeekUninstaller. As you can see, there are plenty of options available.

gu3   GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldnt [Windows]

  • Uninstall… will bring up the prompt to uninstall the application through what is offered by the program itself. This is often referred to as a clean or soft uninstall.
  • Force Removal can be used for those sticky programs that leave behind tracks, or don’t even include an uninstallation process.
  • Remove Entry will simply remove an application from this list without uninstalling it.
  • Registry Entry will bring up RegEdit to show you the registry data of an application.
  • Installation Folder will bring up the application’s folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Google for offers suggestions based on the program’s name and author’s name so that you can pull up more information on it by Google.

Some programs even have the Program Website option, which will take you to the website where it should have been downloaded from. Additionally, you can even export this list to an HTML file to keep records.

gu4   GeekUninstaller Will Uninstall Programs You Thought You Couldnt [Windows]

I’ve used GeekUninstaller’s forced removal on a few applications and everything worked very smoothly. Keep in mind that this option should only be used (on GeekUninstaller or any alternatives) when there is no uninstallation executable packed with an application. It’s just safer to go through the uninstallation that way. If it leaves a mess, I’d completely recommend you try GU’s forced removal.

GeekUninstaller is completely free without support. The “Pro” version on the application’s website refers you to a completely different tool and I don’t recommend it.

What do you guys think of GeekUninstaller? How does it stack up against Revo? Let me know in the comments!

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Tristan Arcega

I’ve been using YourUninstaller for 3 yrs. & I’m happy with it. Btw, YourUninstaller is not mentioned in your Best Windows Software. I like to know a comparison between Revo & YourUninstaller. Which is better?

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I’ve heard several people claiming both are actually on par with each other. YourInstaller isn’t entirely free, though, since it has Pro version. That’s probably why some people are put off. The free version works pretty good when I tested it.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Sounds good. Higher success rate than Revo?
Anyone know any software that will scan your computer and remove unneeded things from WinSxS? (Folders created by uninstalled apps, etc)

Abdullah Sorathia

Youruninstaller is better than any other programs which has reliable build in utilities

Abdullah Sorathia

Btw I had never tried other programs than YourUninstaller

Natsirt Arcega

Cheers mate!

Samrudh Shetty

Downloaded this..

tom hartnett

Very timely. I have one pesky program that will now be disposed of. Thanks.

tom hartnett

My computer ate my first attempt at a comment. What I originally said was this is a timely article and I was going use GeekUnins* to zap a pesky program. In the interim I have done so. thank for the tip.

Ashwin Ramesh

I’ve been using cCleaner for years on now, maybe I should give this a try too…

Deekshith Allamaneni

CCleaner has an uninstaller but it does not do it in a clean way as Revo Uninstaller, although it is more safer. GeekUninstaller might also be working as good as Revo.

Maulya Agustini

I thought ccCleaer only used as a recovery only =D

Barry Brown

A very nice program, I’ve used revo but the constant nagging to upgrade to the paid version is getting old!

Craig Snyder

Glad you liked it!

Boni Oloff

I hace try many of uninstaller apps, all of them looks primising, but i still cannot trust any of them till now, still use built in uninstaller. I am affraid it will affect the system stability, because we cannot understand what all the registry data it deleted..


IOBit Uninstaller+AppRemover for me. Both are free and do their jobs beautifully.

Gurpreet Singh

iobit uninstaller is also gud

Harish Jonnalagadda


Efi Dreyshner

I am using Revo Uninstaller…
The best uninstaller that Ive ever uses (:

Alex Perkins

Goodbye IE!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Thomas

I like Alex Perkins comment, it gave me a good laugh !!

Igor Rizvi?

Im used to iobit unisntaller,it also had powerfull scan,and the interface is really simple to use.


I had been using Revo uninstaller before switching to Comodo’s Programs Manager (which tracks new installations to help get rid of pesky registry entries and other hard to determine installation headaches).

Normally my first option is to use a portable application but real-time tracking of new installs is a huge benefit. I wish Microsoft had developed a much better way of handling installations with their Win95 intro. The registry remains a huge headache as does allowing an app access to the entire system during install. I don’t know much about Windows 8 RT but I hope they’ve dealt with this important issue (on the RT version not the x86 version which supports legacy apps).

Mark O’Neill

I might try using this to uninstall the Windows version of Growl. Other uninstallation methods have failed and Growl has been sitting in my start menu flipping the finger at me ever since.

Craig Snyder

Let me know how it goes for you, Mark. I’ve got Growl installed as well and I put very little mileage on it, so it could be going out the door soon for me also.

Mark O’Neill

It worked! This worked where other uninstallation programs failed! I am very impressed :-)

Sam Kar

Revo is not the top-notch software, but just a best option. Revo cannot capture installation that require reboot. Here Total Uninstall comes to rescue. However, they just have paid version.

Declan Lopez

awesome, i hate it when windows won’t let you uninstall something

Totoy Badiola

I use IObit Uninstaller for a long time. How does the GeekUninstaller fare compare with IObit? Thanks.

Craig Snyder

It’s less bloated and lighter on resources. Both achieve the same goal, but GeekUninstaller does it in a way that is healthier on your system.

Totoy Badiola

Hey, thanks. It might be just the right time to switch. You’re the man, Craig! Is that your little buddy in your profile photo? Cute.

Siddhant Chaurasia

I use clean my mac for my macinstosh

Justine Muller

I currently use Advanced Uninstaller Pro and am quite satisfied with it so far – I love the drag and drop feature for programs that don’t show up in the list of programs you can download. Here’s a link to my review of Advanced Uninstaller on my WordPress blog I bookmarked this review though, I may need a new Unistaller program one day you never know :)

Justine Muller

Typo in my last comment – Replace “download” with “uninstall”… Sorry! (I cannot find where to edit comments if there is a way)

Asriel Allolinggi

Great tool to have.. I think this is one of the best free alternative Uninstaller Tool..


5 Secrets about Comodo Programs Manager

Monitors and records every change so it can be totally undone at uninstallation
On-access scanner alerts you if a setup file contains a virus, worm or Trojans
Allow you to easily manage programs, drivers and Windows features
Allow you to easily manage programs, drivers and Windows features
Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server2008 – 32 bit and 64 bit
Works well use 2 years & it free

Samit Tandukar

i use comodo program manager which is free….also used revo but didn’t like it as free version doesn’t support 64-bit windows…


Looks like a really helpful tool, Downloading xD

Shubharup Ganguly

I’ve been using Revo uninstaller for about an year now, and I’m very happy with it. Its never resource intensive, and it cleans up the unneeded files and registry keys which the ordinary uninstall leaves behind.

Nguy?n Tân

Yes! Free software, I recommend!

William Smaling

Gonna’ try this for sure … I hate clutter apps …

Todd New

I’ve got Revo, but this definitely is worth looking at, considering the portability factor. I’m in!


I’ve tried many uninstaller but I have to say,this one is great

Richard W. Van Loo

I have been using Ccleaner for a couple years , this makes me think, maybe this might be something better. think I will give it a shot..


Well I prefer Revo Uninstaller.


I use Window 7 , so its not for me.