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Websites that list modern phones usually only provide you with phone specifications. If you need help finding the best phone using a variety of specifications, check out a site called GeekAPhone.

find the best smartphone

GeekAPhone is a free to use website that lets you find a phone best suited to your preferences. You can start by specifying your budget and any phone platform you prefer. A list of top phones will be presented that can be easily filtered using the features you select from the top row of buttons. The best phone is displayed on the left pane while the remaining phones in the list, ordered according to their suitability, are shown on the right.


The site also provides you with phone specifications, videos, and best prices for a phone across the Internet.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you find the best phone for you.
  • Lets you set numerous preferences.
  • Provides phone specs, videos, and best prices.
  • Similar tools: Google Phone Gallery, PhoneFinder and Amazon Wireless.

Check out GeekAPhone @

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