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Gazhoo is a website that acts as an online marketplace for all sorts of document files, templates, legal forms, research papers, essays… etc. You can easily sell any document in any file format or search and purchase documents uploaded by others. Unlike traditional merchandise marketplaces – on Gazhoo you can sell multiple copies of the same file or document.

The site has an extensive library of user added documents, organized by categories (Finance, Business, Presentations, Legal Forms & Agreements), popularity, tags and the time added. While most of the documents require payment some of the documents are given away for free.

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The registration is required for both selling and buying documents. Gazhoo charges 30% fee on any document sold.


  • Online marketplace marketplace for legal, financial, business and other professional document templates.
  • Sell all sorts of document in any file format.
  • Gazhoo charges 30% fee on the gross sales.
  • Search, browse and buy documents uploaded by others.
  • Make and receive payments via credit card or PayPal.
  • All documents are organized in categories (legal, financial, business, professional… etc), popularity and the time added.
  • The registration is required for both selling and buying documents.

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