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Gate2Home is a website where you can view and use online keyboards in any language and layout. It allows you to type in your own language from wherever you are, regardless of the keyboard at hand.

Get2Home - Virtual keyboard Layouts

Want to type in German? Maybe Arabic ? No problem, simply choose the keyboard language you want and Gate2Home will get it on your screen. No need to mess with the langauge settings on your PC. It’s especially useful, if you’re a regular traveller and find yourself frequently stuck somewhere abroad without the access to English (or whatever you use) keyboard.

Keyboard Layour for any language


  • Type in over 60 languages.
  • Choose between different keyboard layouts for each language (US-Dvorak, US-International, UK, etc.).
  • No registration or signup required.
  • For Blogs: Add (embed) any of Gate2home’s virtual keyboards to your website. More details here.

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