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GasBuddy is another website where you can lookup gas prices in your city and find the lowest prices in the area. GasBuddy consists of about 180 local gas price websites that help you find low gasoline prices anywhere in the US or Canada. Gas prices constantly change and sometimes prices may vary substantially, within only a few blocks. That’s why you need to know about sites like GasBuddy or earlier mentioned FuelMeUp. These sites are especially useful for truck drivers and motorists who spend lots of time on the road and consume lots of gas.

GasBuddy - Check Gas Prices by State and City


  • Browse gas prices by state and city (anywhere in US and Canda).
  • See 10 lowest prices by state and 10 lowest by city.
  • Search gas by zip code, city or state.
  • Check out top fuel saving tips for drivers.
  • Submit and share info on low priced pumps with other motorists.
  • and more …

Check out GasBuddy @

  1. Kyle Boisvert
    September 12, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    Thanks for the updated version.Now i get to look for the prices upon arrival since the app dont work now.Thank you.

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