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Inexperienced gardeners can run into a bunch of garden pests and plant diseases which they are unfamiliar with. Learning what signs to watch out for each pest / disease can be quite hectic. That is why Garden Pest Detective is a very helpful tool for gardeners.

identify plant diseases

Garden Pest Detective is a free and simple to use web service that contains detailed information on pests and diseases that can infect plants in your garden.

No account creation is required on the site; all you do is select your plant type and the kind of damage you are seeing. The site will then show the possible suspects for the damage. You can hover your mouse pointer on the suspects and an image will be shown which showcases the type of damage they cause. This can help you reach the culprit by a process of elimination.

The site also contains tools to check out gardening related sales and gardening tips.

identify plant pests



Check out Garden Pest Detectives @ Garden Pest Detectives

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