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Gapminder is a free web service that provides various data and statistics related to different interesting topics and global issues. Created by Hans Rosling, Gapminder was built to present a picture of the world using a unique approach to reading data. This website also aims to promote global development with the purpose of accomplishing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

statistics of the world

Gapminder makes highly complex data easier to understand so the general public can easily relate to it. The reason behind this is because the developers of this site believe that data will not make sense if you won’t be able to communicate it well to a large audience.

Gapminder makes use of Trendalyzer, an interactive tool for visualizing data. This tool is responsible for the playful and interactive way that data is presented. Moreover, you also have an option to choose a particular country that you would want to take a look on regarding a particular issue or topic. Most of the pre-designed presentations are focused on human development, but you have an option to pick your data.

world development statistics


  • View interesting world development statistics and trends online.
  • No sign-up/registration needed.
  • Flash based.
  • Desktop app available.
  • Find an explanation/description about the graph you are viewing.
  • Easily reset the data.
  • Share the data to your friends or colleagues by copying the short link and posting it on your blog or email.
  • Similar Tools: KmlFactBook, ConflictHistory, and WorldClock.

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