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People like the feeling of nostalgia, and that’s a fact. The fun of reliving old experiences is simply undeniable. Even when death arrives, people hope to see their past flash before their eyes.

This is one of the reasons we never let go of those classic retro gaming classics like Pong and Space Invaders. The fact that I’ve got an eleven year old sister who knows all about Pacman (way before her time) just confirms my theory.

But even more interesting than solely reflecting on the past is to compare it with the future. I’m not talking about a Zelda How to Play Old School Console Games on Computer How to Play Old School Console Games on Computer Read More versus inFamous comparison here, but about a comparison with the modern remakes of those classics we all hold so dear in our hearts. If you’re curious what people did with Pong (amateur acts of love, not corporate franchise milking) in the last 35 years, or with Breakout in the last 30, read on.

(1) Pong

Starting chronologically, Pong was released in 1975 and was considered one of the first real computer games available to the public. In that time, people would gather around an arcade machine the size of a decent fridge to steer your bar across the screen. This was before artificial intelligence, so it was a social experience, and one that gamers could keep up for hours. Pong was the prelude to all we have today, and it’s interesting to see what it has become.

Pwong 2

Pwong 2 is a flash game, created by JGames. You can play with a friend, or against the computer on several difficulty levels. And believe me, it gets difficult.

pong game online


This Pong adaptation takes a different turn (pun intended) by putting multiple balls in the game, allowing you to shoot paddles sky high and introducing special upgrades like curved, bigger and sticky paddles. This classic game gives you everything, except a moment to catch your breath.

(2) Breakout

Breakout is similar to a one-sided Pong game, trying to hit and break away all up-lying blocks. This game was the first game in color, even while they were still using black and white screens, as they’d overlayed the screens with colored strips of cellophane.

 breakout game online

The game was considered to be one of the most influential arcade games ever, and rightly so. Even these days, it’s a game you’ll find on nearly every cellphone, and sometimes even on iPods Hacking Tips: Download Free Games for Your iPod Hacking Tips: Download Free Games for Your iPod Read More .

Uber Breakout II

What would you get when you bring Breakout back to the drawing table. Twice. Uber Breakout II! This game literally takes a whole other turn with the franchise. You control two dependant paddles on the edge of a circle, while trying to hit all of the bubbles inside.

This classic game not only asks you to be agile, but also requires you to have the reflexes of a cyborg. Because of the shape of the bubbles, the ball can fly nearly everywhere, so you better be ready. And then they introduce special bubbles.

(3) Space Invaders

Space Invaders was a forerunner of modern day shooters. That’s right, next time you play Counter Strike or Crysis, you can think back to these blocky guys.

The concept was rather simple. Shoot down all the descending aliens, but don’t let them shoot you. It was one of the first games involving a computated enemy, and although there was no real artificial intelligence, those blocky alien guys were deemed creepy as hell.

Space Mutants – From Space

Space Mutants – From Space keeps most of the original gameplay intact. When looking at the imaginary changelog, most notable are the increased fluency and the updated graphics of the game.

However, this Space Mutants game also comes with an upgrading system to customize your little tank. With the points earned by shooting our alien friends out of the sky, you can reinforce your armor, increase your speed, and so on.

If you enjoyed Space Invaders back in the old days, you should certainly give this one a try. Even ported to current-day technology and with an integrated upgrading system, it’s still more than obvious whose grandson you’re playing with.

(4) Asteroids

In Asteroids, you need to score as many points as possible by destroying the rocks that would otherwise hit and crash your ship. Shooting big rocks, result in slightly smaller rocks, and before you know it you’re flying through an asteroid minefield.

This highly entertaining game was released on arcade machines in the late seventies and was an instant hit. You can play the classic version of the game here.

Asteroids Revenge III

In Asteroids Revenge III, you play with an asteroid who was living the quiet life – the interstellar dream – when spaceships arrived and started shooting down his friends and family. Powered by revenge, this asteroid will try to serve justice, and crash these evil spaceships.

asteroids arcade game

Asteroids Revenge III certainly is an entertaining game, not the least because of the concept. When you proceed in the game, you’ll receive speed upgrades and will be able to control a whole bunch of asteroids.

Good remakes, or do you prefer the originals? Tell us what you think in the comments. Also, to find out how to download flash games How To Download and Play Flash Games Offline How To Download and Play Flash Games Offline Read More and how to play Kongregate games offline How To Download and Play Kongregate Games Offline How To Download and Play Kongregate Games Offline Read More .

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  1. jacob
    July 5, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    i'll always love the originals but i still like updates. while doom isn't as old as asteroids or pong, it's still a bit dated and available on . it's a three pack which lets you play doom, heretic, or hexen. very fun!