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eBay runs thousands of auctions related to video games and gaming consoles everyday. Due to the sheer number of auctions, they are scattered over a lot of categories and it is hard to keep an eye on them. GameScootch helps you with that by consolidating all of these game auctions on a single platform.

The GameScootch website has 3 main windows. The 2 right windows display popular auction stats for different gaming systems and video games. This information also includes the lowest, highest and average price for each item and the maximum number of bids a single auction in that category has received.

Clicking on any of these would display a detailed list of these auctions in the left window. For example, clicking on Microsoft Xbox would display all the running auctions for Xbox including price, bids, shipping and time information.

game auctions


  • Consolidated auctions for games and gaming consoles.
  • See auction statistics for any game or console.
  • Click on any auction link to go to the actual eBay page.
  • Information updated every 30 seconds.
  • No registration required.

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