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iFixit is a do-it-yourself repair guide for Apple products. While site is mostly Apple-centric, it has a “Gadget Teardowns” section, which shows you how to disassemble popular tech gadgets. Here you can find, how to disassemble an iPhone, how to disassemble PSP and many other popular gadgets including iPods, smartphones (Blackberries etc), notebooks and gaming consoles through step-by-step instructions with photos.

how to disassemble

Browse popular gadget teardowns and follow the detailed instructions on how to correctly disassemble your gadget. You can also submit a gadget teardown of your own and get it published online for all the others to see and use.

how to disassemble an iphone


  • How To disassemble iPhones, PSP consoles and other popular electronic gadgets.
  • Disassemble gudeis include step-by-step instructions with photos.
  • Browse popular teardowns or submit your own gadget teardown online.

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  1. ahenobarbus
    June 22, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    i've got to say i was most impressed by the comprehensively documented and illustrated "banana teardown"