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Zombies How To Hack Your Kinect & Use It To Kill Zombies How To Hack Your Kinect & Use It To Kill Zombies Microsoft Kinect development has moved on to a more user friendly state now, and the drivers have been released for all to download and play with. One studio has even gone so far as to... Read More are boring, Vampires suck, and witches are so passé. If you’re looking for a costume this Halloween Prepare for Halloween With These DIY Superhero Costumes Prepare for Halloween With These DIY Superhero Costumes Halloween is approaching, so it's time to whip out your Superman cape, Catwoman whip, Wolverine claws or speak in a husky voice. Read More which goes beyond the normal, check out some of these futuristic delights – I guarantee you’ll stand out among the crowds of “sexy vampires”.

Space Marine and Terminator Armor

For those of you not familiar with the Warhammer 40k miniatures wargaming, Space Marines are augmented soldiers dedicated to fighting for the Emperor and mankind.

Space Marine miniatures are particularly cool because they allow for heavy customization, such that you can basically invent your own Space Marine “chapter”, with their own unique colours and markings. There’s even a twisted variety called chaos marines, for those with more evil inclinations (“The Angels of Ecstasy” are legitimate pink-suited chaos marines). The bulky suits therefore present the perfect opportunity for some rather imposing costumes, such as these:

But we’re not just talking about the regular old Space Marines; we’re talking about the elite Terminators – huge bipedal tanks that have earned the right to wear the heaviest of powered armour and carry the biggest guns. Made by Daniel Høgh and Justina Šniukštait?, the rather terrifying monstrosity featured below is an Imperial Fists Terminator CaptainIf you start now, you might have one finished in time for Halloween 2027.


Inspired by the very first video games such as Pong, Tron was also one of the first movies to make use of computer generated graphics 10 Neat Movies On YouTube With Cool Visual & Special Effects 10 Neat Movies On YouTube With Cool Visual & Special Effects Read More . Regardless of the rather weak plot, there’s no denying the costumes were iconic – and you can’t go wrong with a skintight rubber catsuit combined with glowing EL panels for that authentic Tron Legacy look. Adafruit has an extensive set of guides for working with tricky electroluminescence material. Be warned – soldering is required!

Created by Syuzi
Created by Syuzi

For constructing your costume, here’s a great tutorial video from Camrin William.

If the thought of stitching EL-wire isn’t your cup of tea, Artifice Clothing has a line of “Tron inspired” items, but you’ll need to be under UV/black light to get the full effect.



Fallout NCR Trooper

It’s time to face the truth: the future isn’t bright – it’s downright bleak and dirty. No flashing neon, no shiny latex – just the brown and grey hues of utility and function – born of necessity in a post nuclear fallout apocalyptic world Prepare For Doomsday With These 5 Post-Apocalyptic Video Games Prepare For Doomsday With These 5 Post-Apocalyptic Video Games Merely playing on our emotions doesn’t make a game “post-apocalyptic,” however. To truly fit in this category a game must feature both a ruined world and gameplay that forces players to confront the consequences of... Read More . The Fallout video game series encapsulates this bleak outlook, and the NCR ranger from the New Vegas installment makes for a particularly scary version of a future soldier. Make your preparations now 3 Sites To Fully Prepare You For The Coming Apocalypse 3 Sites To Fully Prepare You For The Coming Apocalypse Whatever your flavor of apocalypse may be, it's always a good idea to remind yourself that it might happen, so you really should ask yourself, "What am I going to do?" Get ready to grab... Read More , for the end is nigh.

JayCosplay – Deviant Art

Blast From The Past: Retro-Futurism

Pop culture portrayal of the future as seen from the 70’s was generally all about copious amount of spandex, bubble helmets, anything plastic, and holographic material.

As ever, Etsy has you covered – such as this holographic skater dress:

holographic skater dress

For DIY moms, there’s also some great sewing patterns for the quintessential spaceman costume!


Or for those of you with more outgoing personalities, perhaps just a transparent vinyl dress. (Yeh, I’m not embedding a picture of that)

Generic CyberPunk / CyberGoth

If you don’t have a particular character in mind, but want something modern futuristic, get creative! Nowadays, when we think of what people will be wearing in the future, most of us have the notion that it’ll look something like the early 2000’s electronic music club scene – cyberpunk and cybergoth ravers. It’s a complex style to put together, but here’s some basic elements:

  • Neon. Lots of neon. UV reactive accessories, fishnet tights and PVC everything.
  • Random tubes connecting random things.
Melell, Deviant Art (Photo by Benny Lee)
Melissa Li, Deviant Art (Photo by Benny Lee)
  • Fluffy or padded boots.


cyberfalls wig

The undisputed king of cyberpunk clothing and accessories 5 Style Websites To Buy Cheap Trendy Clothes 5 Style Websites To Buy Cheap Trendy Clothes Read More retail is Cyberdog, situated in the newly refurbished Camden market, London. It’s well worth a visit.  As well as the unbelievable range of clothing, your mind may also be blown away by the extraordinary prices.

Do you have a futuristic costume in mind for Halloween? Tell us about it and link to some pictures in the comments!

Image Credits: gothic style girl Via Shutterstock

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