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FutureMe is a simple service that lets you email yourself in the future. Surprise yourself, send yourself congrats, memos, and whatever.


Feature Overview

  • Email yourself in the future. No registration required.
  • Send Future emails to friends, family, etc. (registered users only).
  • Keep your letters anonymous or share them with other FutureMe users. You can check out some of the publicly shared future emails here, or see one right below.
  • Almost 400.000 people have used ‘FutureMe’ to send future emails.
  • Order upcoming Book featuring the best ‘FutureMe’ emails.

FutureMe email

Dear Future Me

Wow. Hope you haven’t changed your addy since I wrote this. Dumbass.

Um. Happy Birthday. We’re 19! Wow. Such a weird age. No one ever wants to be 19 in books and such. Are you still a freak? How about the guys? Hannah, Annie, Amy, Steve, Ro, Soph, Sam, Rosie, Tim, Russ, all of them. Still in touch? Remember them, never forget the good days.

Remember C4? How could you forget that? It was awesome. What about C5, 6, 7, 8, etc? Did you go?

Do you have your black belt yet?

Anyway. The time is now, make the most of it – you may not have much left. Don’t complain without good reason. Make other people happy. Enjoy yourself. Look for the truth, reason and beauty in everything. Wear sunscreen ^_^

~ A si i-duath u-orthor ~

Live. Love. Learn.


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