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Are you looking for a fun and interesting way to browse the web on your iPad? Futureful is a cool application that allows you to see the web in a completely random way. It’s very similar to StumbleUpon, but with an even higher level of randomness to the experience. Sure, a lot of the time, you go on the web to find something specific, but sometimes it’s cool to just randomly zip around online and see what kind of cool stuff you come across.


Using the app involves choosing a certain tag and then letting it take you for a fun ride around the web with content based on the tag you have selected. When you come to a page that you like, you can “Fave” it, which will make it show in the results more often when other users browse the same tag. If you like browsing the web without any direction, this is the perfect app for you.


Futureful comes with the browser as part of the app, so as you are randomly bouncing from website to website, you do not need to leave the app to actually view the websites it thrusts you to. The browser portion of the application is done well, so you will not feel as if you are seeing an inferior version of the web as you are having fun seeing random content.


  • Browse the web randomly.
  • Choose tags based on your interests.
  • Fave pages you like to improve results within tags.
  • Browser built-in to the app.

Find Futureful on the iTunes App Store

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