Fuser: One Place to Manage all Email Accounts

Fuser enables you to unify multiple email accounts and social networking messages in one global inbox. Read and reply to emails (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) and profile messages (eg. Facebook) from one location.

fuser combine emails   Fuser: One Place to Manage all Email Accounts

Fuser Features

  • Access and view your emails and social network messages from one convenient and secure location.
  • Add as many email and social network accounts as you like.
  • Supported email services: AOL, Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, SquirrelMail, Yahoo and Yahoo Beta, POP3 email protocol.
  • Supported social networks: MySpace and Facebook.
  • Reply to your social network messages right from Fuser inbox.
  • Organize incoming mails and messages into folders.
  • Log into multiple compose windows simultaneously.
  • Integrated spellchecker.

Visit Fuser [www.fuser.com]

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Can you please tell me where to find the spellchecker icon on Fuser.com?