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Cats now own the Internet. Our feline friends are in charge, and we have inadvertently elected them as unopposed rulers by allowing our adoration of kitties to propagate on the Web. I’m not complaining, as I love the little furballs. I also don’t want to be the first against the wall when they round up dog lovers agitators.

One of the best places to find websites utterly devoted to cats is Tumblr The Unofficial, Beginner's Guide to Tumblr The Unofficial, Beginner's Guide to Tumblr Tumblr's the number one social networking site for people under 25. Clearly it's important, but it's a bit mystifying. It's less a blog than it is an anti-blog. Read More . This is a platform that’s made for endless posts containing stories, pictures, videos, and GIFs of cats of all different shapes and sizes. And what follows are 10 of the funniest cat Tumblrs we could find. That’s funny strange as well as funny ha-ha.

Why My Cat Is Sad


Not all cats are those happy-go-lucky types you often see skipping through gardens and leaping over fences with all the grace and style of an Olympic athlete. No, some cats are sad cats. But why are they so sad? This Tumblr knows why each individual sad cat is so goddamned miserable. And it’s rarely because their owners won’t pet them or feed them treats.

Derpy Cats


Cats have a reputation for being independent, stolid creatures. Most are, but even the most graceful moggy can occasionally go a little derpy. This Tumblr logs those occasions when someone’s cat is found looking a little less refined than usual. And if these cats had the ability to complain, we’re sure they would argue against their unflattering pictures being displayed on the Web for all to see.


Cats With Weird Faces


Some cats can’t help looking derpy. They’re the cats who just happened to be born with weird faces only a mother could love. Oh, and the cat lady down the street who has given her home over to any waif or stray that has crossed her path. Still, Grumpy Cat is a cat with a weird face, and her looks have made her famous, so it’s not all bad.

Unimpressed Cats


Most dogs — at least the nice, non-snarly ones — have a high tolerance level. You can dress them up, ride around on their backs, and play tricks on them without concern. But cats are different. Cats will not take your crap for long before they either run away and hide or bare their claws. In the meantime they will show you how thoroughly unimpressed they are with your nonsense with a few choice facial expressions. All of which can be seen on this Tumblr.

Cats Are A**holes


This Tumblr should really be called “Some Cats Are A**holes,” because they’re not all evil creatures intent on upsetting your day in every possible way. However, every cat appears to have it in them to do something so unnecessarily annoying that you will inevitably end up aiming some expletives in their direction.

Cats Doing Silly Things


This is another Tumblr that is slightly misnamed. These aren’t cats doing silly things so much as cats having silly things done to them. Because cat owners can be incredibly cruel at times in order to wring some enjoyment out of owning a cat. Nothing too harsh, obviously, but if cats can be a**holes to us then surely we can be a**holes back to them. Am I right?

Cats. Where They Don’t Belong.


Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know that they have a penchant for getting into places they really don’t belong. Suitcases, boxes, tall wardrobes, and rooftops. These are all favorite haunts of your feline friend, and they’ll sit there impassively wondering why you’re getting agitated at their bizarre choice of sleeping quarters.

Cat Shaming


We’ve already established that cats can be a little dickish. But what can you do if your cat starts playing up like a petulant toddler? You could shame your cat into behaving better by uploading their photo along with a description of their crime on the Internetz. Yes, cat shaming is a thing, apparently.

Fat Cats


A website displaying nothing but pictures of overweight humans would be in extremely poor taste, and attract criticism from anyone with half a brain. And yet this Tumblr displaying nothing but pictures of overweight cats is perfectly acceptable. And funny. And addictive. Those poor kitties.

All Is Kitties


And finally, we have All is Kitties, a Tumblr dedicated to all cats, all the time. There is no theme here, just post after post of cats being cats. Which is all us cat lovers really want in the end. March on, you magnificent moggies!

A Catastrophic Ending

That concludes our list of funny cat Tumblrs, but there are many, many more out there waiting to be discovered. Please feel free to add your favorites to this list by telling us all about them in the comments section below. Alternatively, explore further catty capers previously published here on MakeUseOf…

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Image Credit: Umberto Salvagnin via Flickr

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