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Are you looking for an easy way to set up an online fundraiser? If yes then you require a tool that lets you set up any type of fundraiser and supports organizations of all sizes. FundRaise offers precisely that.

set up online fundraisers

FundRaise is a web service that lets you browse various fundraisers and create online fundraisers. You can start a fundraiser for any organization or cause regardless of its nature and size. While creating a fundraiser you enter the fund’s name, description, your fundraising goal, and optionally a website URL, a time limit, and a photograph. Your online fundraiser is then published on a public URL; the fundraiser can also be found by browsing the FunRaise website.


People who visit your fundraising page will be able to view all the details you entered along with recent activity on the fundraising page – this mainly involves the comments visitors have left. Visitors can also use the available buttons on the page to share your fundraiser across their online social networking accounts.


On your fundraiser’s page visitors can leave donations through their credit cards. Of the total amount of donations, FundRaise keeps 7.5%, and delivers the remaining 92.5% to you.


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