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Over the last couple of months I stumbled upon several fun and rather unique personality tests and writeups. Some of them quite sound, while others pure speculation… but they’re all fun. Enjoy

1. Draw a Pig – tells a whole lot about yourself based on your drawing of a pig. May sound ridiculous but seems to work extremely well. Currently counts over 1.3 mil drawn pigs, with several hundreds of pigs being added hourly. Check out some of the recently added pigs

2. LikeBetter – here you’ll be shown 2 pictures, select the one you like more and keep doing so until a small brain in the middle turns red. Once it does press on it to find out what it discovered about you.

3. Which Superhero Are you? – 40+ question personality test that lets you find out what superhero resembles you most, i.e Are you a more of a Hulk or a Wonder Woman type.

4. What Does Your Browser Reveal About You ? – entertaining writeup, assessing your personality based on the browser type and it’s version.


ex: Opera – “You really don’t care for they Firefox hype. What you want is the best browser there is – and for you that’s Opera. You actually used to pay them when the browser was ad supported. If a Firefox fanboi starts talking smack about your browser you quickly shoot him down by proposing the ACID2 test….”

5. Which File Extension Are You? – quick test to find out which file extension matches you most. Are you more like .html, .exe, .doc, etc. ?

6. Imagini VisialDNA – they’ll give you a concept along with a bunch of pictures and ask you to select the best association. Concepts include ‘your ideal holiday’, ‘favorite landscape’, ‘your type bedroom’, ‘your idea of love’ and so on.

7. Drinks Show your Personality! – “…Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could nail a woman’s personality based on what she drinks. Though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts.

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