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cool things to do with google hangoutsIf you’ve had the pleasure of trying out Google Hangouts, you’ve possibly also tried a few of the gimmicky effects like wearing hats, and social extras like watching YouTube clips. Did that make you wonder what else people might come up with? Well, there are people out there who have been writing all sorts of useful Google+ applications, some of which are mashups with other incredibly useful services.

Have you tried adding social drawing boards or white boards? Coding as a team in real-time during a hangout? Exploring museums in Google Maps? All of this and more cool mashups can be used from within a Hangout. So, it’s time to show you how!

cool things to do with google hangouts

How To Install Hangout Apps

If you’ve never used a Google Hangout application, don’t worry. It’s not hard! On the application’s page there’s a button which looks like the following one. Just click on it and the app will be available within the Google Hangout session which opens immediately. You then give the app permission and try it out.

Some public applications can also be found by clicking on “Add App” while you’re in a Hangout. All your favourite Hangout apps will be available at the top of your Hangouts after they’re installed.

A Story Before Bed

A Story Before Bed is the perfect Hangout application for anyone who loves reading stories to kids and wants to read a story to a child who isn’t with them just now. Parents on the road for work or relatives living some distance away will love it.


cool google hangouts

There’s a decent list of kids stories to choose from and it’s possible to tell the story while you Hangout or to record it for later. Recorded stories will be put on YouTube in the same way as other recorded Hangouts. Click to install A Story Before Bed.

Hangout Quest

If you love museums and art, Hangout Quest is right up your alley. It’s a game played from within a Google Hangout, which uses Google Maps to show the interior of famous museums and then lets you race to find the treasure.

Games are started regularly and you play against others in the Hangout. Check out the YouTube video of it in action to see how it works. To play against your friends, you all need to install the Hangout Quest application, then start a Hangout together. Click to install Hangout Quest.


Slideshare is an extremely popular way to store and present your digital presentations. It’s also one of the publicly recommended Google Hangouts applications, making it one of the simplest and most highly recommended mashup apps available.

cool google hangouts

Consider this. You prepare your presentations on various topics and put them on Slideshare, ensuring they’re seen and shared socially. One day, you’re in a Hangout with your boss and the rest of the team can’t understand something completely. You take them through your presentation in real-time and make sure everyone knows how things work. Click to install Slideshare.

Al Jazeera Live Hangout

If there’s a huge event or some breaking news being covered on Al Jazeera, what better way is there to take it in than with your friends in a Google Hangout? Watch the coverage live in the same screen and at the same time as your friends. You also get Twitter updates and a choice of languages. Click to install Al Jazeera Live.

cool google hangouts

More Hangout Apps

There’s also Google search apps, the Google Docs app, doodling apps, whiteboard apps and a bunch of fun games to try out. Get exploring and see what other great apps you can find! What are your favourite Google Hangout Apps?

cool things to do with google hangouts

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What hangout apps do you recommend we all try out? Let us know in the comments below.

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