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FullSync is a versatile and flexible backup tool. It lets you easily back up and sync contents of your local drives to remote servers, or make copies of local files on your computer. It can be used as simple file back up tool or even as an FTP client to update contents of a website.

Once you download and install it on your computer you have to create a Profile. For each Profile you select the source of your back up files (FTP, local folder), the destination (local folder, FTP server etc), sync type (update, backup copy, exact copy, two way sync) and apply file filters. You have to be careful with the sync type you choose. For example, if you choose Two Way Sync and delete a file from a remote server, it will also be deleted on your local drive.

comprehensive backup

You can schedule tasks (every 1 second/minute or hour) or even crontab jobs for each Profile. File Filters let you include/exclude certain files from syncing (e.g. system files, or files larger than 10 MB) or define precise inclusion/exclusion rules based on your specific preferences. Once you have set up a Profile, click the green play button to run it. Once you run it, it will execute the operation according to the Profile’s settings.

You can have as many Profiles as you want, each with different source and destination folders (remote or local), sync type operation and file filters. Edit any Profile any time or create new ones to fit your needs.




  • Simple interface.
  • Back up and sync files between folders on your computer or between a local folder and remote server.
  • Multiple sync modes – Update, exact copy, two way sync.
  • Flexible file filtering rules.
  • Schedule tasks and crontab jobs.
  • Supports multiple protocols – FTP, SFTP, SMB.
  • Similar tools – Syncbox, JottaBackup.

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